Short version:

1. Fold the handlebar post backward.

2. Fold the bike frame in half.

3. Done.

Long version:

  • Secure the folding mechanisms. Check that the central frame hinge is latched and securely locked. Use caution to keep fingers, clothing, etc. away from the folding parts and potential pinch points. Always check the frame folding mechanism latch and handlebar folding mechanism latch are locked before moving or riding the bike.

To fold the bike:

  • Stand at the left side of the bike and ensure the cranks (see parts diagram) are parallel to the ground, so that the left crank is pointed forward and the right crank is pointed toward the back of the bike.
  • Open the frame hinge. Fold the frame hinge quick release lever down, so it is in line with the quick release lever axle (parallel to the ground).
  • Swing the frame hinge quick release lever to the right, so it is perpendicular to the bike frame (90o angle).
  • Pull directly upward on the frame hinge quick release lever to unlock the hinge pin and at the same time begin folding the hinge open. Once the hinge pin is clear of the hinge, release the lever.
  • Turn the front wheel slightly left and fold until both wheels are side by side. Rest the bike on the frame stand under the cranks.
  • Move the bike by tilting it onto the front wheel. Do not roll the bike on its back wheel.

Here is a video that explains how to operate the latch: